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NuHealth Cafe/Vafa Cakery

Matcha Mania

Matcha Mania

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Introducing the Matcha Mania smoothie, a refreshing and energizing blend of pineapple, banana, matcha collagen, and vanilla whey. This smoothie is perfect for those who love the earthy and slightly sweet flavor of matcha, as well as the tropical and creamy taste of pineapple and banana.

The addition of matcha collagen provides a boost of protein and amino acids, while the vanilla whey adds a rich and creamy texture. Together, these ingredients create a smoothie that is not only delicious, but also nourishing and filling.

Whether you're looking for a quick breakfast on-the-go, a post-workout recovery drink, or just a tasty snack, the Matcha Mania smoothie is sure to satisfy. So why wait? Try one today and experience the matcha mania for yourself!

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